Martensville Amateur Softball Association
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MASA Ball Equipment & Recommendations


Glove - all players are required to have their own glove. Please make sure the glove fits. For general guidance, we recommend: 9” to 11.5” for players under the age of 8.
10” to 12” for softball players between the ages of 10 and 14. The glove should have a snug fit. So, choose a size that currently fits your childs hand and not one that you think they can grow into.

Helmet - each player must have their own helmet with an attached face guard. Please see image from the following link

Cleats - we do highly recommend wearing them, however running shoes may be worn instead for U7 & U9. The player will have less traction with running shoes that may cause the athlete to slip. U11 is mandatory this year to wear softball rubber style cleats.

Bat - softball bats are provided by MASA however they may not be the correct size, it is encouraged to have your own bat that fits.

Catcher's Equipment - a set of catchers' equipment is provided to each team by MASA.

Face Mask - protective infield face masks are mandatory for U11 & U9 players on 1st and 3rd base. Pitchers must wear one. We highly recommend for safety that all infield players wear an infield mask. A face mask may be provided by MASA for some teams but it is best to purchase your own. Please see image from the following link

Uniforms - T-Shirts will be provided by MASA for U7 & U9. U11 players will be supplied a Martensville Storm Jersey.