We Want You!

On January 20th @ 6:30pm is the next MASA executive meeting. We will be discussing the upcoming season, making sure we have all our ducks in a row.

With the recent retirement of many of our members, we have a problem. We lack membership. We need help. We need you!

We Need Your Help!

This is a presents a great opportunity as we are in the process of turning over from the old guard to a new team guiding the MASA program. Softball appears to be on the upswing and growing. We need dedicated people like you to help us continue the success of our program. This is your opportunity to get in from the (re)start.

Our biggest need is coordinators for our Rookie and Mite programs. This might appear to be a significant undertaking (and very stressful and overwhelming), but its probably not as bad as you think. It is like flying an airplane. Months of complete inactivity, followed by a couple weeks of sheer panic.

What does a coordinator do?

  • organizing team rosters
  • selecting/finding coaches
  • setting the practice schedule
  • coordinating the season with Warman
  • dealing with any issues that might arise
  • tag-teaming with the Warman coordinators on the tournament

You won’t be alone either. Other MASA members will happily chip in and assist when required.

As a member of MASA, you additionally have the option of sitting on the Twin City Angel’s board. Then, not only will you be driving the MASA program, but also be involved in driving the program for the older girls as well.

This is the last year for our Secretary. Meaning, we additionally need someone to come a board to assume this position. This season will be a good one to start as you can work with Jill and she will help you with the transition.


Not interested in coordinating or being the secretary but still want to participate? Come on out. We’re more than happy to have additional members-at-large.